Breakthrough: A Matter of the Heart - October 25, 2019

Oct 25, 2019

God may have the greatest breakthrough to date waiting to come forth! What if that breakthrough seems delayed? It may be a matter of your heart not lining up with what God desires to do in your life. Listen to find out more!

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Unlocking Your Breakthrough - October 24, 2019

Oct 24, 2019

Just as a lock needs a key to become open. So your breakthrough needs the key called faith to produce God level manifestation! Find out what happens when you unlock your breakthrough. 

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Benefits of Faith Pt 2 - October 23, 2019

Oct 23, 2019

Did you ever think of living a life that is so BLESSED that you are able to BLESS others based upon what is in your heart and not your wallet? Find out the benefits of faith and how you can help become the positive agent of change God called you to be.

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Benefits of Faith - October 22, 2019

Oct 22, 2019

Living you life each and everyday in faith produces benefits that cannot be measured! The only limitation is not using your faith in all that you do. Find out how faith produces many benefits that are life changing!

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Uncovering Potential - October 21, 2019

Oct 21, 2019

One of the greatest things about discovering potential is getting a person to realize it was always inside of them. Knowing how valued you are to God allows you to be more open to discover your latent potential. Find out how!

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Being Prepared for Opportunity - October 18, 2019

Oct 18, 2019

Have you ever said, "If I only had an opportunity!" Many say this but are not prepared to take full advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself. Get taught about how being prepared beings you to greater abundance!

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Adults Using Blind Faith - October 17, 2019

Oct 17, 2019

God desires for each of us to use our faith in all things! Unfortunately many adults try playing it safe when it comes to stepping out in faith. Blind faith simply means perceiving things like a child would...being possible. Find out how to again walk in blind faith.

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Right Type of People - October 16, 2019

Oct 16, 2019

The people we spend our time with are a clear indication as to where we are going in life. Find out how we can see why we have either risen or fell by the associations we keep.

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Wasting Time - October 15, 2019

Oct 15, 2019

Scripture lets us know that a man can only work while it is day because when night comes no man can work. This means living your life to the fullest and dying unfulfilled. Use your time to fullest and not waste time on things not connected to your destiny! Find out how!

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A Clear Image of Promise - October 14, 2019

Oct 14, 2019

Have you ever had a picture in your head that grew bigger each time you began focusing on it? It means you have tapped into a clear image of the promise God has in store for your life. Listen and find out how to bring that Godly picture into focus.

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